Management Officer


Starting Weight: 196                  Week 8 Weight: 186 (-10)

Starting Body Fat: 40%             Week 8 Body Fat: 26.2% (-13.8)

Fitness Goals: "Be strong. Keep up with my kids. Tele bumps all day long. Maybe lose some weight."

Week 1                          Week 8

I know what it takes to be fit, how to exercise, and have a great body awareness. This will allow me to use the equipment effectively and give feedback as required.
- I’ve not regularly exercised since I was pregnant (3 1/2 yrs ago) so I need a good ass kicking, and if The Answer is effective, it will be obvious.
- I’m enthusiastic, positive, outgoing, and would be a great advocate for the product.
- I had twins a couple of weeks after I turned 46, and if I don’t increase my fitness soon I will not be able to keep up with them = seriously motivated!
- I’m approaching 50 yrs old, when things (things on my body;-)) will really start to go downhill. Let’s see if The Answer can help reverse gravity!!!
- My husband has also applied for a spot in the challenge. If we do it together, we can support each other, motivate each other, and engage in some super fun competition. But, if he isn’t chosen and I am, my friendly yet competitive nature will still come out.
— Hillary