Starting Weight: 211                   Week 8 Weight: 195 (-16)

Starting Body Fat: 37%              Week 8 Body Fat: 25.8% (-11.2)

Fitness Goals: "To lose weight and more importantly on learning how to maintain. Learning to make healthier choices for a healthier lifestyle."

Week 1                           Week 8

I have always been a active person but have struggled with weight issues. After my pregnancies, my body just doesn’t seem to be the same. I am finding it difficult to lose weight and eat right. I am originally from India and I don’t have family or friends around for support. Being a stay at home mom of two girls, its hard to make time for myself and my fitness goals. We are a single income family and I would be very grateful to be able to get free training, advice, guidance and support from you and your team to achieve my fitness goals. I am a happy and positive person and will give my 110% to the workout & diet program and my trainer.
— Payal