Stay at home mom


Starting Weight: 180

Starting Body Fat: 36%

Fitness Goals: "To lose about 50 lbs. get back in shape. Get energy to keep up with kids. Gain muscle. Finally like the way I look!"


Day 1 Photos

Day 53 Photos

I am 29 years old and at my heaviest weight. I gained 45 lbs with my first baby and 20 with my second. After my first baby I only lost about 10 lbs and have struggled ever since. I feel like I am never going to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. I know from experience that Just Results has amazing trainers and a strategy that works and with proper training I think I can lose weight and show other mommies out there that it doesn’t matter how much you gained or how off track you got during pregnancy, you can get back to loving your body. I also want more kids and I am determined to change my eating habits and exercise habits so that I don’t gain weight back and that I am healthy for any future pregnancies. I also want to be a good role model for my family and teach them to develop good eating and excercise habits. I want myself and my family to live healthy. I keep saying we will start this week and that turns into never! I know a jump start into a healthy lifestyle with someone who can teach me the right tools is what I need to finally make a healthy lifestyle change!
— Melissa