The Answer (an·ser)


  1.  A solution to a problem

  2.  The world's first whole body fitness technology that is affordable, safe and actually achieves amazing results

  3.  A holistic program created by renowned fitness expert, Trainer Joe that is designed to transform bodies, minds and spirits 


  1.  A movement that combines a squat and a sit-up in one fluid motion to give you the greatest workout of your life.

The Answer to Your Fitness Problem

What’s your excuse for not being fit? No time? Not enough space at home for equipment? Don’t know what to do?

Here’s The Answer — an exercise device that allows you to get a total-body workout at home, in the office, or anywhere. 

  • You use your large muscle groups so you can get your heart rate up for effective, fat burning mode and do your cardio and resistance at the same time.

  • Along with a set of dumbbells, you are able to do a resistance workout on all major muscle groups using the answer without a bench, or needing heavy or expensive equipment

  • The Answer has a small profile and is approximately 2ft x 3 ft, and can be stowed under a bed, in a closet or anywhere else in your home or office.

  • The Answer allows you to combine movements so there’s zero down time in your routine and you can get a kick-ass workout in 30 minutes or less, while keeping your heart rate up the entire time!

  • Follow along with simple instructional videos or design your own routine—the possibilities are endless. No complicated equipment to maneuver or learn. No embarrassment! You can start using it immediately after unpacking it.

How The Answer Was Born

I wanted to open up my own gym, but I also knew I wanted to do it without going into debt. I found a small but workable space to rent, took my Christmas bonus from work and together with my savings, bought some rubber floor mats and started equipping my gym. I renovated the space myself, sometimes by flashlight because I needed to save money on electricity. 

New exercise equipment is expensive, so I bought most of the stuff used on Craiglist. I acquired a treadmill, some dumbbells, elastic resistance bands and a Bosu ball. 

I was ready to start my new path!

In March, 2008 I retired from engineering and opened my first gym.

The problem was that when some of my old clients from the gym came to see the place, they decided that I couldn’t possibly have enough equipment to give them a good workout. I didn’t even have a bench on which clients could do sit-ups and use dumbbells.

I didn’t have the money to buy a bench without going into debt, and that turned out to be a good thing. Because when you have money, you stop using creativity to solve your problems. I didn’t have the money on hand, so I got creative.

That’s when the Answer was born.

I’ve since opened up a much larger gym in Broomfield, Colorado, where together with a team of fitness professionals, we train more than 100 clients each week. 

We all use The Answer to give our clients a customized, challenging workout. We even use it for group classes and to assign “homework” to our clients. The Answer has helped our clients lose weight, get fit and build muscle. And it will help you, too.